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We established this website as a forum to develop and seek feedback on ideas. 

Our core project team shares a commitment to empirically supported and ethically engaged analysis of contemporary issues at the interface of security, global politics, emergent technology and innovation systems. Our work focuses on expanding policy maker and societal understanding in a domain that is continually evolving.

Our work focuses in particular on:

- How the scope of security concerns, and societal anxieties are defined

- The character of domestic and international institutions that constitute our global technology assessment regimes

- The broader norms and values which shape political decision making at the domestic and international level.

Our work takes several forms

  • Technical

We have produced and contributed to a number of technical and policy reviews over the years. Particularly in the area of technology assessment.

  • Academic

We deal with a complex, ambiguous, dynamic and contested area of human affairs. Our work involves empirically driven studies focused on unpacking and contextualising the processes that underpin the evaluation of new technology. In addition, we often engage with more abstract philosophical and historical concepts in order to better understand, and help update and update conventional wisdom in this policy space. Our work is informed in particular by concepts and data developed in the fields of STS, innovation studies and security, and war studies. 

  • Educational

Our work has involved educational outreach to the diplomatic and scientific community. A key focus of this has been upon supporting scientists in better understanding the ethical and security implications of contemporary biotechnological innovation.

  • Public Facing

Over the years, we have contributed to a number of public facing initiatives and discussions, in the area of biological and chemical disarmament.  This has included work on more established esoteric weapon systems, as well as concern associated with emergent technology.

This work benefits greatly from our colleagues in the Department of Politics, Languages and International studies at the University of Bath. 

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